MOND Table Lamp

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The Mond Table Lamp Design by Aromas is a unique piece. Its shade is a blown crystal with interesting striped detail finish, supported on a black metal base to match its handle.


Mond Table Lamp Design by Aromas


The Mond Table Lamp Design by Pepe Fornas Aromas is a unique piece. Its shade is a blown crystal with interesting striped detail finish, supported on a black metal base to match its handle. Mond design is a basket-type lamp with contemporary design but with a classic elegance that in addition to decorate, create an original lighting effect.

Its versatility makes it possible to integrate it into diverse decorative environments. It is designed to be placed in living rooms and bedrooms, in addition to being able to move it comfortably to have a decorative handle.

It is a dimmable light to create the perfect luminosities, you can customize it as you wish.


Lamp socket technology is compatible with energy saving such as LED bulbs.


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Products Features:



  • Category: Table Lamp
  • Product Ref: A-S1275DL
  • Designer: Pepe Fornas
  • Brand: Aromas de Campo
  • Manufactured in: Spain
  • Sold by:
  • Style: Modern Design
  • Colors Available: Matte Black
  • Shade Colour: Smoked Crystal Black
  • Finish material: Steel – Glass
  • Room type: Living room / Dining room / Bedroom / Hallway / Conservatory
  • Eco – friendly
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Offered by DonLighting at a reasonable price
  • Package Quantity: Pack of 1 Unit
  • Shade Included: Yes
  • Energy efficiency label: A ++ Grade
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Switch System: ON/OFF
  • Bulb: (included)
  • Lamp Socket holder: G4
  • Type Bulb/s: Integrated LED (incl)
  • Wattage Power per bulb: 2,5W
  • Voltage: 12 V, 50/60 HZ, IP20, CLASE II
  • Light Colour Temperature: Warm light (3000K)
  • Lumens: (200) LM






  • Overall Dimensions: Ø 27 ” cm Max Height x 15,5 ” cm Width



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115 reviews for MOND Table Lamp

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