Pendants are basically the things that are suspended from any sources. Pendant light fixtures are suspended from a ceiling in order to provide light in the room with the help of light source. They are hung by some chain, cable, wire or stem that acts as a light holder in case of pendants. Due to these chains, cables and wires, pendants differentiate themselves from the ceiling lights. One light source is included in the pendants. There are different types of pendants ranging from mini pendants light to multi pendants lights.

Less Pendants:  Less pendant light is a pendant lighting where the width of person’s head is 12” or less than that. As the name suggests the size of the Less pendant light is small and unique shape that makes the room or area contemporary where the light is fixed. The room itself feels like fresh and looks like a modern room.

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Less Pendant Light by Aromas del Campo

Features of Mini Less Pendant Light:

  • As the pendant lights are pointed downwards, these are more effective for the specific areas where light needs to be focused for the completion of a particular task easily.
  • It can be helpful in creating light layering in the room. Light layering leads to an increase in the effective of the appearance and functions of the lighting system. It will help in balancing the room by reducing the effect of shadows and glare in the room as well as create a great ambiance in a unique way.
  • These mini pendant lighting can be mostly used in the kitchen counter, pool table, bar, etc.
  • More than one mini pendant can be used in an area.


Bowl Pendants: Bowl pendants are bowl-shaped hanging pendant lights. These are suspended to the bottom of the center stem or may be suspended by more than one or two short stems or chains.

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Modern Elegant Pendant Lighting for Dining Room:

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Modern Elegant Pendant Lighting for Dining Room:

Features of Bowl Pendant Light:

  • Larger bowl pendants act as the central lighting point for the room. They are good lighting sources in larger areas where there is more light needed.
  • Bowl pendants are a good source of lights for the kitchen or dining areas because they provide enough lights for up and down lighting.
  • The process of how light is diffused by the bowl itself and the undiffused light that is sent to the ceiling reflects back to the room.
  • Bowl pendant lights are lifted up above the level of the eyes so that it could avoid people looking into the light. They also must not be used in the balconies and stairs.


Lantern Pendants: Lantern pendant lights are used at the entrance hall, lobby, reception areas to light up the areas their and to provide good ambiance. They are usually used at any entry to make that place best spotlight.

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Lantern Pendant Lamp for the entrance hall, lobby areas light.

Features of Lantern Pendant Light:

  • These lights contain a metal cage that has a pretty attractive glass panel flanked by the cage. The lantern pendants are also suspended by a chain.
  • Lantern pendants consist of different layers of light in the cage in order to increase or decrease the brightness of the light. When there is need of dim light for a while or for any special occasion in the room or the area where pendant lights could be used, lantern pendants are the best option for light dimmers to reduce the brightness of the light.

Drum Pendants: In drum pendant light, the shape of the pendant light is more like a drum that is made up of cylindrical shaped glass, stainless steel or fabric. These are mostly used in the modern light system or intermediary settings.

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Drum Pendant Lamp, Open Pendant Lamp

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Check out for – Open Pendant Lamp Tamb Pendant Lamp

Other Types of Pendants Lighting: The above are some of the types of pendants light. There many different kinds and styles of pendants lighting that fits best for your interior design for home as well as an office or any party. The light manufacturing industries keep on making innovations in the designs of lights and the whole lighting system is changing day by day. One of the common pendant lights are glass pendant lights. Glass pendant lights are hand-made lights blown by artisans, clear and stylish glass. These pendant lights give an artistic look to the surroundings.

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Great design that communicates with dreams interior.

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Great design that communicates with dreams interior.

Decorate your home and give it the required personal touch but be simple and never ever overdo it and spoil the look of your house. It is nice to stay in a beautifully lit up home.

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